4th Quadrant of Victory Square
International Architectural Competition
Prague, Czech Republic


Hello, my name is Karel,

I am here to help you participate in 4th Quadrant Competition. To apply to the competition and to download the application form, you need to first register with me. You can use my services later to find out if you were selected for the competition or to download maps and other materials.

To be able to use my services, please tell me some basic information about yourself. Please fill in the Entrant Registration Form. You will receive email with a link to active your registration. By registering you agree to the GDPR Rules of the Competition.

PLEASE NOTE registration with me does not mean that you have applied for participating in the competition. That is the following step. 

If you are registered already, just sign in here - login page.

Registrations are closed


I can't log in Karel.

Have you confirmed and activated your registration through a link in your inbox? If not, follow another points in this FAQ.

The entered e-mail and password is not a valid combination. You should request a new password through this form. You will receive a new password to your inbox (if not in a few minutes, check the spam folder).

I haven't receive a confirmation about my registration and can't confirm my account.


  1. your spam folder, the e-mail may be there;
  2. you have entered a correct e-mail address in the registration form.

I can't download a file. It won't start or suddenly stops downloading.

Try to connect to the internet with a different method. e.g. if you are on a wi-fi, try a cable connection. Especially in a crowded environment, wi-fi can be unreliable.

If you are on a corporate network, speak to your administrator. There my be a setting preventing the download.

I have a different issue and need to contact you

You can contact us via an e-mail or a phone. Contact person is Robert Youssef.

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