4th Quadrant of Victory Square
International Architectural Competition
Prague, Czech Republic

4. Kvadrant

Participation of the public and the key stakeholders

Local residents, students and professors, entrepreneurs, employees of local businesses and institutions, and other users of the area have their own unique experiences with Victory Square and its surroundings. They are well aware about advantages and disadvantages of the area, which may differ for each demographic group and user type.

When and how can the public get involved?

The results of the competition could be affected by the public in two phases - during the preparation of the competition documents and during the last phase of the competition, when the selected designs were consulted.

Preparation of the competition May – June 2022
Public participation within the preparation of competition materials
Selection of the competition workshop participants half of August – September 2022
Competition Phase 1 October 2022 – January 2023
Competition Phase 2 and the exhibition of the competition proposals January – June 2023
Consultation of the selected proposals

How could you get involved in the consultation of competition proposals?

From 29 May to 11 June 2023, the public had the opportunity to comment on the proposals shortlisted for the final stage of the competition. All the comments were summarized in a report that was provided to the competition jury before its final meeting. The can be downloaded below.

Report on public consultation of the shortlisted competition proposals

Annex 1

How could you get involved in the preparation of the competition documents?

The public has already been involved in the preparation of the competition for the revitalization of Victory Square and in the analysis of the Dejvice Campus public spaces. The results of these surveys were the basis for the 4th Quadrant of Victory Square competition. 

In person at the info booth

From 24. to 28. 5. 2022 the info booth was placed in the end of Technická street entering Victory Sqaure. Those who were interested had the opportunity to come to the info booth during opening hours and share their insights.

By completing the online map questionnaire

From 24. 5 to 17. 6. 2022 it was possible to express your assessment of the current state of the competition site by filling in an online questionnaire.

By becoming a member of the consultation group

addition to the representatives of the key players, any active citizen who was interested in participating in consulting of the competition materials could become a member of the consultation group.

How is your feedback being applied?

All the insights and comments have been compiled into a publication "Site Information", which was provided to the competition participants together with the invitiation for participation in the Phase 1 of the competition. It became a part of the materials used by the participant in their work on the 4th Quadrant development proposal. The report on public participation executed prior to the competition can be downloaded below.

Public participation report

Consultation group

Besides the directly addressed representatives of the main stakeholders, any active citizen who was interested in participating in the consultation of the competition materials could become a member of the consultation group.

In June, the members of the consultation group received the Competiton Brief framework and had the opportunity to comment on it until 24. 6. 2022. The first meeting of the consultation group took place on 17. 6. 2022 at the National Technical Library in the form of an exhibition, and the second meeting took place online on 27. 6. 2022. The outline of the Competition Brief framework consultation and the reactions to it can be downloaded below.

Competition Brief consultation report

Commented walks around Victory Square 

Starting from 24. 5. 2022 three commented walks took place within one week of the active phase of public participation. Themed on architecture and urbanism of the Victory Square and its immediate surroundings, the walks were guided by the architect Petr Kučera. Participant could learn the history of the urban development of the area, the unrealized plans completion of the initial master plan and the upcoming projects transforming the square.

Expert debate

On 28. 6. 2022, the National Technical Library hosted an expert debate on the following questions: How will the 4th Quadrant of Victory Square be transformed? How will its new form relate to the historical development of the area and the ongoing projects? The debate was attended by representatives of the Competition Clients, the City of Prague, the Prague 6 Municipality and experts in history, urban planning and architecture.

Video from the debate can be found here
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