4th Quadrant of Victory Square
International Architectural Competition
Prague, Czech Republic

4. Kvadrant


Type of competition

The competition will be conducted in the form of a competition workshop of the following parameters:

It is a limited competition. The jury will select 6-10 participants based on applications with portfolios, 3-5 participants shall be shortlisted for Phase 2 of the competition.

The competition workshop is non-anonymous, the competition jury, the Competition Clients and other stakeholders will be engaged in a dialogue directly with the competing teams.

The competition will have two phases – in Phase 1, teams will prepare a concept for the 4th Quadrant development, which will be further elaborated into a more detailed architectural design proposal in Phase 2.

Competition Clients 

Fourth Quadrant company is the competition client. The competition is organized in cooperation with the Prague University of Chemistry and Technology (VŠCHT), the City of Prague, the Prague 6 Municipality and the Prague Institute of Planning and Development pursuant to the resolution of the Prague City Council. No 1269 from 30. 5. 2022. 

Competition Brief

The plans of the Fourth Quadrant company and the Prague University of Chemistry and Technology (VŠCHT) in combination with the City's plans for the regeneration of Victory Square and the public spaces of the Dejvice Campus will be addressed within the 4th Quadrant development project.

Fourth Quadrant's intention

Fourth Quadrant is looking for an innovative, functional and efficient solution for the 4th Quadrant development that will complete the urban structure of the area and compliment the city's plans for the revitalization of Victory Square and Dejvice Campus. 

The company's intention is to construct a multifunctional development on the competition site, offering spaces for civic amenities on the ground floor, and housing and offices on the upper floors. The 4th Quadrant development will thus contribute to the revitalization of the square and the adjacent streets while solving the deficit of civic amenities, shops and services for the residents of the adjacent residential areas as well as for students and employees of the Dejvice campus.

Intention of Prague University of Chemistry and Technology 

The intention of the VŠCHT is to construct a building in the 4th Quadrant of Victory Square in order complement the historic buildings of the school in the Dejvice campus. The new building will house educational and administrative facilities of the university. The institutions that operate without direct access laboratories will be accommodated in the building. The ground floor of the building will offer spaces for public use such as a ballroom, restaurant and microbrewery.

Preliminary competition timetable

Selection of competition participants Receiving applications until September 16, 2022, 16:00 CEST
Selection of 6-10 participants by the jury September 21, 2022
Competition Phase 1 1st Competition Workshop October 25, 2022
Development concept submission January 20, 2023
2nd Competition Workshop February 13–14, 2023
Competition Phase 2 Development proposal submission May 19, 2023
3rd Competition Workshop June 12–13, 2023
Exhibition of the competition proposals in 90 days from the competition proposal submission


Independent members
Regular members Substitute members
Kees Christiaanse Janica Šipulová
Alex Lifschutz Jan Magasanik
Michal Kohout Petr Kučera
Lucie Vogelová
Martin Arfalk
Tomáš Valent
Dependent members of the jury
Regular members Substitute members
Petr Hlaváčekhlavní město Praha Petr Zemanhlavní město Praha
Jakub Stárekměstská část Praha 6 Petr Prokopměstská část Praha 6
Petr PaličkaPenta Real Estate Kristina UllmannováInstitut plánování a rozvoje hlavního města Prahy
Leoš AnderleSekyra Group Dušan ŠevelaPenta Real Estate
Milan PospíšilVŠCHT Ladislav VšetečkaSekyra Group
František DombekKaprain
Petr ŠichtancVŠCHT


Phase 1 participants 16 000 EUR
Phase 2 participants 60 000 EUR
Competition winner + 20 000 EUR

Follow-on Contract

The winner of the competition is expected to be subsequently commissioned for the following:

Proposal/services Scope of the proposal
master plan with design code elements Fourth Quadrant and VŠCHT parts
architectural study Fourth Quadrant part
services of a design architect for the entire project duration Fourth Quadrant part
Hlavní Město Praha Městská část Praha 6 IPR Penta Sekyra Kaprain Vysoká škola chemicko-technologická v Praze ON plan